Redesign a common object and develop a whole brand based on the product communicated via a narrative.

Biophilia is the instinctive connection we feel with nature as human beings. It is something which enhances creativity, relaxes us and inspires us. Biophilic design tries to incorporate nature within an environment, product or service and is often overlooked by designers.​​​​​​​
An increasing rate of urbanisation throughout the world has caused the vast majority of the population to become disconnected with nature. 90% of the UK population live in a city (Office for National Statistics, 2017) and of that percentage, 83% live in London (United Nations, 2006). Many of these people's lives consist only of glass, steel and concrete.
Clean and Minimal Look
Constrained Wings
Approaching jewellery in a different way, a korean metal smith named Dukno Yoon creates pieces that mimic the wings of a bird. These are artistic accessories and statement pieces that create a sense of wonder.
Final Design Proposal

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